I have been going to In Rhythms Yoga for almost a year. I love it! The instructors (all 3, Christy, Margie & Stacy) are great teachers, knowledgeable and challenge your body. The studio is peaceful and calming, the classes are always different. My husband says I look great and come back glowing from each session.  I have tried many yoga classes, look no further, this is the best! The real deal if you want something more than the big box yoga studios or the gym! Lilia

I was completely new to yoga and yet Christi made me feel so comfortable and at the same time challenged.  Her studio is very beautiful and clean and Christi is very talented as well as inspirational.  I am so happy I got my start in yoga at In Rhythms Yoga.  Annette

I have been a regular at In Rhythms Yoga for two years (In Rhythms Yoga, Clairemont and classes taught at Warren-Walker School), and love the mini-spiritual retreat from my everyday life. The classes have a great blend of reflection, meditation, and challenging poses. I always look forward to class and the release of stress that I achieve. Christi is a great teacher who has a gentle voice and gives great one-on-one attention.This is an awesome yoga studio. Paul

I feel like a brand new person after each class! Christi is so good at instructing and inspiring us for one perfectly energizing and profound hour! Her studio is beautiful and I love going there! Crista

In Rhythms Yoga is a lovely studio offering classes that provide personalized attention and very welcoming to yogis of all levels, particularly newbies.  I am biased in this review, being an instructor at In Rhythms Yoga and having first met the business owner Christi when we completed yoga teacher training together several summers ago.  Christi is a very gentle, warm, kind-hearted soul, and that spirit has definitely been captured in the lovely yoga space she and her husband have created.  The studio is located behind their home nestled in a residential area of Clairemont and possesses the charming feel of a neighborhood yoga studio.  Although it's still a young and growing studio, it has quickly developed a unique feel with regular yogis who bring special energy to the space.  If you're looking for a mellow space in which to learn about yoga as a newbie or to deepen your yoga practice, In Rhythms Yoga would be an excellent fit.  Classes are small, yielding more opportunities for personalized attention.  There are several classes on the schedule during the week, varying in style from fast paced power vinyasa to meditative classes involving mindful movement.  Regardless of the class format, you'll leave every class feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit!-Margie

I took Margie and Stacie's class and loved them both. Margie's class was an amazing workout physically, and I felt very good emotionally and spiritually. The room was warm and i was definitely sweating!!!
I cannot wait until my next Sunday class with her. I took Stacy's Sunday morning class 10-11:15 and had an amazing restorative experience. She led us into a chakra meditation one morning and an ocean based meditation the next. I can't believe I have access to this amazing experience with these amazing teachers so close to home! Christi

I was always so curious to hear other people talk about how much they loved yoga. My first experiences with yoga were not that great and I was left thinking maybe it was not for me.  Then a friend of mine told me about In Rhythms Yoga.  After 3 private sessions with Christi, I am hooked.  I feel so amazing after each session.  Christi is a wonderful and caring person that loves her practice.  She took her time with me to make sure I was comfortable and understood each yoga pose.  The studio is pristine and it is a very calming place to go.  I highly recommend anyone to give In Rhythms a try.  I'm confident you will be as satisfied as I am. Jane G.

I am definitely a beginner yogi, and I love taking Margie's class. She guides the class with such a peaceful rhythm and always offers alternatives for those of us who are less flexible! Margie is encouraging, inspirational, and I always feel better, both mentally and physically, at the end of class. I'd be a better person if I could take her class every day. Thank you In Rhythms Yoga for having such a delightful studio and for letting Margie guide us through our yoga practice!-Tricia