In Rhythms Yoga Honors Kim Newbold

During the course of my career, I have been exposed to many walks of life, good and

bad. During my patrol years I was subjected to many Domestic Violence and Child Abuse incidents. I saw how devastating these incidents were on the victims. I carried their pain.

In 2014, after 25 years, I retired from the department. I had sustained numerous injuries, and I could not longer fulfill my duties as a police detective. This sent me into a deep depression and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was losing control of my life. Sadly, I still carried the pain of losing my brother at the age of 29 from a drug overdose. All the years of being subjected to such devastation and suppressing it, my spirit was literally broken. It was extremely hard to open up my vulnerability to anyone. Even having the most supportive husband, I was still unable to find my spirit.

This is when a friend suggested I try yoga. I had tried yoga years before, but just never seemed to fit in or felt comfortable. I was a Boston bred, competitive body-builder and always had the “no pain, no gain” attitude. I had been training in the gym since I was 14 years old. I started doing yoga 3 years ago, religiously, and my attitude towards yoga changed.

First, I have to say, if you choose to do yoga, make sure you are comfortable with the studio you practice at. Secondly, you must be able to relate and feel comfortable with your instructor. Lastly, DO NOT think you cannot do yoga because you are not coordinated or you think it is too hard or because you are not flexible.

I came to the studio with many injuries, chronic pain, not flexible at all and with a completely broken spirit. I have learned to go within, find inner strength and have found a path to getting my spirit back. This is not an overnight process. I did not lose my spirit in one day, so I cannot expect to get it back in one day. What I really like about yoga is there is no judgment on your abilities. I went from being able to bench press 285 pounds, squatting 405 pounds to using a chair during my yoga sessions. At first it was difficult to change my old habits. I knew in order to heal, get my strength back and to lift my spirit, I had to change my way of thinking. I practice yoga 5 days week, and take a variety of classes. The yoga community has helped me to trust again. They have reassured me there are great people in this world and not everyone is bad.

Even if you can only do one yoga class a week, it is truly worth your time. I believe yoga is very cleansing for the body and mind. It eliminates toxins and ill thoughts. I can truly say, yoga has saved my life. Without it, I am not sure where I would be today.

I want to thank Christi and her teaching staff for guiding me each and every week. I am truly blessed to have found her studio. I would like to personally thank Christi for allowing me to share my yoga journey.

Sincerely, Kim Newbold 12/2015

In Rhythms Yoga honors Lilia Boyer. Her dedicated yoga practicing inspires our community. She embodies physical and mental strength as well as positive and infectious energy in the studio. She is determined, focused and beautiful. Thank you, Lilia, for being a part of this community.

My yoga practice brings the emotional and physical balance that I need to bring all the pieces of my life back to the center of what is important. Yoga refocuses the attention we lose during the day, and helps us to prioritize what is important, rather than a perception of “what is supposed to be”. I leave everything behind when I practice. I find complete clarity.

    I practiced yoga for about 6 years prior to practicing at In Rhythms Yoga. It was difficult to find the right community, a piece in order to complete my puzzle. I wanted a place that could be fulfilled with the teachers that embodied what I was searching for. Finally, I found it. As the name implies “In Rhythms Yoga,” is rhythm in motion, rhythm in mind, body and soul. I felt fulfilled by the community that practices and teaches in this incredible studio. That piece is missing no more. I try to practice yoga three times a week. I am going on 1 ½ years. If I don’t practice, the piece of the puzzle is missing and I am not complete.

What would I say to a new person thinking of starting yoga? Yoga is very personal. If they know what they want, and are willing to give it a try, they will realize that when they remove their sandals and step into the studio, “In Rhythms Yoga” is the community for them. It will fill the void and they will feel the void that was missing in their daily life. They will leave their practice with a glow, and find serenity. The puzzle is complete! -Lilia Boyer 4/23/14

In Rhythms Yoga honors the beautiful and strong, Sharon Howe. She is dedicated to her yoga practice and she brings passion and inspiration to the studio. A motivated triathlete, Sharon balances her workout regime with yoga. It keeps her long, lean, and flexible as she runs, bikes, and swims her way through life. Read her inspiring testimony below.

“Yoga has given me an opportunity to be kind to myself while I build strength and flexibility. A powerful message that yoga has taught me is to love my body and learn to accept it as it changes, leaving me feeling powerful. Learning to embrace my body, has encouraged me to experience the wonder of my breath and the peace that comes with listening and learning.

I enjoy and am driven by challenge. Yoga challenges me to breathe and find balance in my life. I practice three days a week to feel a sense of serenity in my world. I practice as often as life allows. Yoga keeps me young by creating flexibility in my body and serenity in my mind. My favorite yoga pose is camel, a heart opener. I enjoy opening my heart, feeling a little more vulnerable and loving towards myself and other”- Sharon Howe 8/2013

In Rhythms Yoga honors Frankie Kalli, for her dedication, determined strength, and inspiring yoga practice! We love you Frankie!

My favorite pose for yoga is the upward facing dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)  I think it is great for your back, arms and opening your heart to the world. I usually go to yoga class 3 times a week.  When I am home I do yoga and walk.  When I travel I try to do yoga every morning before I start the day.  It helps me balance and stretch out tired muscles.

Yoga practice has affected my life on and off the mat in many ways.  On the mat it has made me stronger, allowing me to try new poses without fear and enriched my sense of well being.  It has calmed me and made me stronger.  Off the mat, I have found that it has improved my balance tremendously.  

When I fly fish and walk rivers I am more confident, with strength and balance.  On long haul flights it has given me a way to quiet myself, enjoy the flight and keep my movement going.  On a daily basis think I am stronger and more balanced.  I know that my posture has improved a lot. Yoga has been a very good experience to build strength and overall happiness.

I would recommend Yoga to everyone.  I think they would find core strength, balance and inner peace.Thank you for introducing me to yoga.-Frankie 5/2013

In Rhythms Yoga Honors Annette Rogers! You are amazing!

Read how yoga has created transformation in Annette's life...

Sometimes really wonderful, healthy opportunities pop up in your life.  I am so lucky to

have a yoga studio so close to my house!  About five years ago I began

exercising with circuit training, then went on to water aerobics, and now I go to yoga

three times a week. I also stopped eating so many processed foods, and especially

sugar.  I was not good at yoga at first, but I kept trying each week and I could see the

change in my body and the change in my overall feeling of well-being.  One of the

sayings at In Rhythms Yoga Studio is “take the yoga off the mat with you” and that has

been really helpful to me at times when I feel under stress.


Since I began yoga this past summer, I have lost eleven pounds!  My body feels

strong, I have learned many new stretching routines and balancing skills. I love dancer's

pose and star pose, among others. Yoga has made an inexplicable difference in my life

and my body; I feel so much better, I sometimes can't believe it!  -Annette 2012